Ebook Creation final tips for assembling the eBook package

Your eBook is finished. You have assembled it and set up a delivery system but now what?

This is one step that stops many people. You know you need to get the ebook put together, proofread for errors and have a plan to get the product delivered, but what about those over looked areas.

How do you get attention to your ebook? How do you upload it for people to receive and how do you safely deliver it?

If you have bought an ebook and looked at the additional files that come with it you know there is the PDF file and often a text file. But if you are putting out an ebook with resale rights you need a file for the licensing sales information, a source file, images, and other zipped file forms that should accompany an ebook.

One of the easiest ways to know what you need is to purchase an ebook and look at the files that come with it. You use those files as a guide to create your own. Make files that will hold the information you need. If you plan to sell master resale rights (MRR), resale rights and private label rights (PLR) you will need a file for each.

You need a license for the eBook that gives the buyer the right to sell the product and a squeeze page and sales page. You will also need a file for images.

If the eBook does not have all this information you can hire someone from elance to help you assemble it for a small fee or you can visit Create an eBook Now starting in July of 2010 and see several eBook being assembled from start to finish.

Tips for creating a successful eBook

You’ve decided you want to write an eBook to promote your business or make extra income. But where do you start?

Market research is your first step. Why create an ebook if you don’t have an audience or interest in your topic. Market research is done by finding your niche and then checking on how popular it is and what areas of sales and competition you will have. This can be done with Google keywords, which is a free program.

There are many steps involved in creating an ebook. Some are quite simple while others involve learning a program, getting help from a friend or outsourcing some of the work

This you tube has a few ideas on ebook, the work involved that you may not have thought of. I think you will find a few useful ideas here.

One idea I liked on this you tube was the use of speech and a speech recognition program. I am not the best typist so a program like this is a big help. I purchased a headset for around $15 that has excellent voice clarification and will not pick up background noise. And I found a free voice program that will turn your voice into written words.

Using voice to type is faster and great if you use an interview for any of your eBook information.

The first eBook is the hardest to create. It’s just like any other venture you take on. There is always something to learn. But there are many great sources for learning and before you know it you too will have an ebook assembled and ready for sale of for your own personal use.

Create a more successful eBook

There are a few steps in creating an eBook that many will overlook.

One is the importance of chapter titles. Each chapter title need to emphasis the keyword or topic in your chapter. By making your chapter title keyword rich it will show up in searches faster.

Is Your Writing Engaging?
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It will also be easier to use the keyword for free items and gifts that you can offer to those who buy your eBook. By entering your keyword rich title in Google search and searching for free items you can enhance the value and use of the information you assembled.

For example I am working on eBook for backyard projects. I have a chapter with a title “Small Backyard Designs.” Successful Small Backyard Designs” or Secrets for Small Backyard designs would create more interest in the chapter.

A chapter title also needs to capture a person’s attention. Easy, fast, and cheap are a few words that capture attention. Look at your title ad try a few more variations that might create interest or create a need.

One other plus when creating your ebook is to make your title a link to the page its located on. This will help the person be able to quickly get to page with the information they want. With a gardening project eBook this is a plus. I have also seen this used in recipe and various how to books with much success.

To make a chapter a link use the hyperlink button and link the chapter title to the page number.

It also helps to have a reference area or a place for free offers and useful tips relating to your ebook. This area can be used to create interest in your eBook or as a thank you for purchasing the eBook.

And if you can offer an interview in your book related to your topic you will cerate fresh unique information that other will not have or that will be new to your readers. In a world of fast information new ideas are wonderful to find.

Small bonuses and surprises will set your eBook apart from the other products online.

Think creative and create an ebook now

Create a sales page with WP-Sales page Template

One of more more challenging aspects of creating an eBook is the sales page. It need to capture people attention, create a need and the desire to learn more about your eBook and provide accurate information about the product or service you are providing.

So a sales page requires knowledge of copyrighting, technical abilities, SEO techniques or knowing where to outsource the project. But even if you outsource the creation of the sales page you still need to assemble to facts and collect them in a orderly fashion. Your sales page also needs a landing page on a website.

This you tube provides information on how to make a sales page using the wp-sales page template for word press.

There are many programs out there to help you with a sales page but if you have a wordpress website this may be an easy answer.

And once you know how to set up a sales page you need to learn how to get your copy and any graphic onto the site. Komposer or Front Page are the easier programs to use for this. NVU (a free program) is also easy to use but I have not tried it for a sales page.

There are several sales page templates available. Some are free and some you will be charged for. I have not tried this template yet, but I plan to. That way I will know how well ti works and its advantages and disadvantages.

Ebook Motivation

All good ideas run into roadblocks or a time when you just don’t feel like working. Normally I do well in keeping motivated but as you can see I have been quiet in all my sites. And it’s been difficult to get inspired to post again on a regular schedule.

Part of this lull is an extensive time consuming job that I have taken on and the other part is related to family issues. The job is done and the family issues continue but its time to get back to working my sites and creating these eBooks that has been sitting in a file, aging to perfection ;).

So, how do you keep motivated and get over a lull or technical problems that could affect your work or website?

I find three areas of action that will get me going again.


Inspiration may come from a trip, friends, reflection, change or many other areas. My inspiration usually comes from friends. Sometimes a new look to your website or information you have read will give you a new idea or area to research.

This time it was reading inspirational thoughts from a friend who helped me learn to build a website and conquer many of the technical aspects of an online business. Thanks Mark for all your help over the last few years!


Take time to appreciate life and all the small things. It’s pouring out and dreary today but that’s the weather that is great for writing, working on art projects and taking on all the projects that sit on a sunny day – like cleaning the house. House cleaning? I feel a writing marathon coming on!

One of the thoughts I read today is “Beauty surrounds me, just waiting to be enjoyed.” Even on a rainy day the creek is beautiful and outdoors takes on that clean fresh feel. Life is so short so take the time to call a friend, say thank you and enjoy the small pleasures in any day.


And most important in any project or undertaking is setting goals. You may have goals in your mind but writing them on paper reminds you of what you would like to accomplish and what you already achieved. Here is a post I wrote on setting goals. It’s a fast outline that may help you with goals.

One tip I will give you on setting goals is to set them in small steps and celebrate each step. There may be a day when one goal is more difficult to reach so remember the success you have had and use that as motivation to finish your project.

There are two valuable pieces of advice I was given in my life that usually apply to almost any situation.

1.My parents always said there was no such thing as failure. If you try – you have achieved. The outcome may be different than you expected but it is the ground to build on for another step or journey.

2. “Do it now.” Life is short so don’t put things off.

Enjoy the day!