Getting started writing an article

Do you have trouble getting started writing an article?

For most people one of the toughest obstacles in article writing is actually starting the writing process. No matter how many articles we write, at times it is something we want to avoid because sometimes don’t know where to start.

Since article writing has become a form of marketing that almost anyone can do and afford, now is the time to take on this challenge head on.

More than half of the people who write articles feel creating an outline is one of the best methods to get started with an article. Having an outline will provide a foundation of your article. It gives you a starting point from which you can build a story. They use as outline to make the article writing process easier and faster.

I myself seem to have better luck sitting down and writing. I do one rough draft, which is really like an outline but without the rigid form. Then I go out and enjoy my backyard, relax and clear my mind.

When I settle back down to write my thoughts are clearer and the words seem to flow. Often times the article keeps the same outline and sometimes I see where the work can actually be turned into two articles.

Stepping back from your article, whether you use an outline or not gives you a fresh outlook on your work.

Overall, when writing, you need to find a system that works for you. Research your topic, try to find a fresh look for your information and provide your reader with facts and opinions that are new and helpful.

Three Tips for Better eBook titles

It takes time and an effort to create a good title for your eBook. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes because an ebook title has a big job to do. There are three points a title must have to be successful. It must attract readers and hint at a great benefit or promise the ideal solution to a given problem or question. And the overlooked point of a title is to make it lead people to your book online.

This may seem impossible to create an interesting title with these three points. But an easy way to do this is: one step at a time.

Focus on a specific audience and tailoring your eBooks’ title around its needs. Create curiosity in the subject. Why do you know that others don’t and why is your book different that the rest?

One way to do this is to summarize your eBooks’ contents. What is your eBooks’ main purpose? What will your intended buyer are able to do after reading it? Does your ebook provide a solution to a problem? For example my Easy Backyard projects ebook show 15 projects that can easily be created for your home. They are also reasonably priced projects what most people can do. I know I have done them in my backyard or at friends.

Focus on words that summarize your eBooks’ contents effectively. A title beginning with the words “how to” is very popular. There’s no question as to what the eBooks’ contents are about and what they are intended to do. But consider variations of “how to.” For example, there’s “Five Secrets for Success and Improve your lifestyle within a Year.” Look closely and you’ll notice the word, “Secrets.” That’s a powerful word, but there are others as well, such as “Tips,” “Strategies,” “Shortcuts,” “Activities” “Tricks” and “Techniques.” Combine them with words as “great,” “easy,” “timesaving,” “quick,” “simple,” “mind-blowing” and “new” or “newest.” There are many words that stir people and make them take action.

Other words may be even more effective. After considering your eBooks’ purpose or main point, you may find that an action word as “Turn,” “Make,” “Get,” “Sell,” “Grow,” “Earn,” “Collect,” “Create,” “Use” or “Save” convey that point perfectly in a title.

And the step that is most often overlooked? Creating your title with a strong keyword. This keyword is a phrase or word that will lead reader to your title and to your website or landing page for you eBook. It’s a silent step that really starts the minute you think of creating your book. As you work on collecting and writing you eBook keep the main topic in mind and let this steer you to your title.

Keeping your intended audience and eBooks’ main purpose and attention-getting words in your title will yield the best results in the least amount of time invested. It’s Amazing, often times you have been working with the words and they just don’t seem to fall in place. Then suddenly the title just appears. This also pertains to your chapter’s titles within the eBook.

How to Gather Testimonials For Your EBook

You need testimonials for your eBook to promote sales. After all, most people who get to your sales page do not know you. They need to feel that the product is real and has value and testimonials can help build trust. They are interested in what other customers have to say about your eBook. This holds true for digital informational products, as well

If you have written a how-to eBook, testimonials about how others have succeeded by using the information provided in the eBook will help you to look like an expert in your field. If interested buyers can hear of other people’s positive results they will feel more comfortable purchasing your product.

One of the easiest ways to get a testimonial is to give a few of you eBooks away to friends or people in your niche or selected topic of the book. You will need a few people to look at your eBook and check it for errors and how well it looks as a finished product. Ask these people for a testimonial. If you know of someone who is interested in your ebook topic, let him or her read the book.

You may also have other friend with websites or who are planning to write an eBook and they would more than likely be willing to proof or read your work.

And if you offered a mini e-course for your product you may get interest in a sale or for a testimonial.

Find a testimonial or two and leave some additional space in your sales page. This will be for your first customers. Ask them to give you a review on the eBook. Your first few days at selling your eBook may be slower than you thought but by adding testimonials and tweaking your sales page your conversion rate should improve. Just remember this is a new adventure. As long as you eBook has quality information it should sell. It’s just finding the pattern for sales and success.

Ask all your customers for feedback. Surprisingly enough, people like to be asked what they think. They really like for their opinion to be sought after and they will usually give you testimonials if you will only ask and most especially if you have a terrific product. You may find from their comments a way to improve your sales page, eBook or even get another ideas for a new eBook project.

Testimonials from high-powered, well-known people are great. Get them if you can, especially if they are in your niche. Just don’t expend too much time and energy seeking them out.

In time testimonials will come and positive comments from happy customers are the best.

Tips for a successful sales page

A sales page is the first impression a person gets of your eBook so proper copyrighting techniques and these tips should help you to create  a successful page that leads to sales.

Here are a few tips for success.

First and foremost, make sure you have no typing errors and that all your links work. Have someone check the sales page for you to help you spot those errors that like to slip through. This is your first introduction to your potential customer. You need to make an impression of being professional.

Provide a guarantee logo or icon to your sales page. A guarantee is a must when you are dealing with someone who does not know you or your business practices. Your customer will be assured that you will be there for them if they need your help. Also, in the unlikely situation that they are not happy with your product or software, they will get a refund.

A sales page guarantee logo can be found online or may be provided with a PRL package.

Its best to make multiple order links to purchase your Ebook. This way, the order button is available for whichever portion of the sales page they may be on. A purchase decision is often impulsive, so give them adequate windows and opportunity to do so.

Make sure you secure your ‘Order’ link. This can be done through SSL. (It’s a way to secure and protect your url)

Customers give their personal financial details here and they need to know the information is safe. A secure order link gives them the assurance that these details would not be misused.

A single sales page should be sufficient for you to promote the features of your Ebook. Customers want details but are most often pressed for time. They would not like to go over too much of sales copy text. They may even choose to ignore the offer completely.

These tips should help make your sales page more successful and give it more of a professional look.

Two tips that will make your eBook easier to read online.

EBooks are becoming more popular every day. It’s a fast practical way of sharing information and knowledge with others. And in today’s world of instant access readers do appreciate the thought of receiving immediate access to an eBook or other forms of information.

In order for people to continue reading your eBook, you need to supply them with outstanding content and select a readable font to your book. Century Gothic font with the size of 15 reads well on computers. The selection of the font is important because certain fonts are hard to read on a computer screen and on eBook readers when the fonts are too small. The Century Gothic Font also uses lesser ink when printing which is good if the costumer will decides to print your eBook.

There are also fonts that are just difficult to read. Old English is beautiful and wonderful in art related pieces but in an eBook it would be a disaster.

Another point to consider is the background of your Ebook. In a white background, always utilize a black font so that the contrast will create more readable words on the screen. In general Black is the best color for your font selections.

You can choose a colored pattern or color for the background but stay away from using flashy or loud colors. Most of the time too many colors may strain the eyes adding to the strain that already comes from the brightness of the computer screen. This may cause the reader to loose interest in your eBook.

Often the simplest steps are overlooked in assembling an eBook and one is the font size and colors in an eBook. Remember that many people are reading your work for the first time and may not read another eBook your put out for sale its it’s not easily readable and full of great content.