Three Tips for Better eBook titles

It takes time and an effort to create a good title for your eBook. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes because an ebook title has a big job to do. There are three points a title must have to be successful. It must attract readers and hint at a great benefit or promise the ideal solution to a given problem or question. And the overlooked point of a title is to make it lead people to your book online.

This may seem impossible to create an interesting title with these three points. But an easy way to do this is: one step at a time.

Focus on a specific audience and tailoring your eBooks’ title around its needs. Create curiosity in the subject. Why do you know that others don’t and why is your book different that the rest?

One way to do this is to summarize your eBooks’ contents. What is your eBooks’ main purpose? What will your intended buyer are able to do after reading it? Does your ebook provide a solution to a problem? For example my Easy Backyard projects ebook show 15 projects that can easily be created for your home. They are also reasonably priced projects what most people can do. I know I have done them in my backyard or at friends.

Focus on words that summarize your eBooks’ contents effectively. A title beginning with the words “how to” is very popular. There’s no question as to what the eBooks’ contents are about and what they are intended to do. But consider variations of “how to.” For example, there’s “Five Secrets for Success and Improve your lifestyle within a Year.” Look closely and you’ll notice the word, “Secrets.” That’s a powerful word, but there are others as well, such as “Tips,” “Strategies,” “Shortcuts,” “Activities” “Tricks” and “Techniques.” Combine them with words as “great,” “easy,” “timesaving,” “quick,” “simple,” “mind-blowing” and “new” or “newest.” There are many words that stir people and make them take action.

Other words may be even more effective. After considering your eBooks’ purpose or main point, you may find that an action word as “Turn,” “Make,” “Get,” “Sell,” “Grow,” “Earn,” “Collect,” “Create,” “Use” or “Save” convey that point perfectly in a title.

And the step that is most often overlooked? Creating your title with a strong keyword. This keyword is a phrase or word that will lead reader to your title and to your website or landing page for you eBook. It’s a silent step that really starts the minute you think of creating your book. As you work on collecting and writing you eBook keep the main topic in mind and let this steer you to your title.

Keeping your intended audience and eBooks’ main purpose and attention-getting words in your title will yield the best results in the least amount of time invested. It’s Amazing, often times you have been working with the words and they just don’t seem to fall in place. Then suddenly the title just appears. This also pertains to your chapter’s titles within the eBook.

How to Gather Testimonials For Your EBook

You need testimonials for your eBook to promote sales. After all, most people who get to your sales page do not know you. They need to feel that the product is real and has value and testimonials can help build trust. They are interested in what other customers have to say about your eBook. This holds true for digital informational products, as well

If you have written a how-to eBook, testimonials about how others have succeeded by using the information provided in the eBook will help you to look like an expert in your field. If interested buyers can hear of other people’s positive results they will feel more comfortable purchasing your product.

One of the easiest ways to get a testimonial is to give a few of you eBooks away to friends or people in your niche or selected topic of the book. You will need a few people to look at your eBook and check it for errors and how well it looks as a finished product. Ask these people for a testimonial. If you know of someone who is interested in your ebook topic, let him or her read the book.

You may also have other friend with websites or who are planning to write an eBook and they would more than likely be willing to proof or read your work.

And if you offered a mini e-course for your product you may get interest in a sale or for a testimonial.

Find a testimonial or two and leave some additional space in your sales page. This will be for your first customers. Ask them to give you a review on the eBook. Your first few days at selling your eBook may be slower than you thought but by adding testimonials and tweaking your sales page your conversion rate should improve. Just remember this is a new adventure. As long as you eBook has quality information it should sell. It’s just finding the pattern for sales and success.

Ask all your customers for feedback. Surprisingly enough, people like to be asked what they think. They really like for their opinion to be sought after and they will usually give you testimonials if you will only ask and most especially if you have a terrific product. You may find from their comments a way to improve your sales page, eBook or even get another ideas for a new eBook project.

Testimonials from high-powered, well-known people are great. Get them if you can, especially if they are in your niche. Just don’t expend too much time and energy seeking them out.

In time testimonials will come and positive comments from happy customers are the best.

Tips for creating a successful eBook

You’ve decided you want to write an eBook to promote your business or make extra income. But where do you start?

Market research is your first step. Why create an ebook if you don’t have an audience or interest in your topic. Market research is done by finding your niche and then checking on how popular it is and what areas of sales and competition you will have. This can be done with Google keywords, which is a free program.

There are many steps involved in creating an ebook. Some are quite simple while others involve learning a program, getting help from a friend or outsourcing some of the work

This you tube has a few ideas on ebook, the work involved that you may not have thought of. I think you will find a few useful ideas here.

One idea I liked on this you tube was the use of speech and a speech recognition program. I am not the best typist so a program like this is a big help. I purchased a headset for around $15 that has excellent voice clarification and will not pick up background noise. And I found a free voice program that will turn your voice into written words.

Using voice to type is faster and great if you use an interview for any of your eBook information.

The first eBook is the hardest to create. It’s just like any other venture you take on. There is always something to learn. But there are many great sources for learning and before you know it you too will have an ebook assembled and ready for sale of for your own personal use.

Create a more successful eBook

There are a few steps in creating an eBook that many will overlook.

One is the importance of chapter titles. Each chapter title need to emphasis the keyword or topic in your chapter. By making your chapter title keyword rich it will show up in searches faster.

Is Your Writing Engaging?
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It will also be easier to use the keyword for free items and gifts that you can offer to those who buy your eBook. By entering your keyword rich title in Google search and searching for free items you can enhance the value and use of the information you assembled.

For example I am working on eBook for backyard projects. I have a chapter with a title “Small Backyard Designs.” Successful Small Backyard Designs” or Secrets for Small Backyard designs would create more interest in the chapter.

A chapter title also needs to capture a person’s attention. Easy, fast, and cheap are a few words that capture attention. Look at your title ad try a few more variations that might create interest or create a need.

One other plus when creating your ebook is to make your title a link to the page its located on. This will help the person be able to quickly get to page with the information they want. With a gardening project eBook this is a plus. I have also seen this used in recipe and various how to books with much success.

To make a chapter a link use the hyperlink button and link the chapter title to the page number.

It also helps to have a reference area or a place for free offers and useful tips relating to your ebook. This area can be used to create interest in your eBook or as a thank you for purchasing the eBook.

And if you can offer an interview in your book related to your topic you will cerate fresh unique information that other will not have or that will be new to your readers. In a world of fast information new ideas are wonderful to find.

Small bonuses and surprises will set your eBook apart from the other products online.

Think creative and create an ebook now

Tips to creating profits online using PLR’s

As the popularity of the web grows so does the interest in making money online at home. Learning how to actually grab your share of that money is extremely important and for many there just is not time to start looking for completely unique solutions.

photo credit: Rachel Elinor Catherine Davies

For the busy individual who is looking for a way to break into online marketing it may be beneficial to start looking for private label rights options. Using Private Label Rights (PLR’s) can help you to get started making money quickly. By modifying the PLR’s to your needs and niche you can quickly and easily turn them into something that is unique and fits your topic and business.

Tips to help you succeed with PLR’s

*Always offer a great value.

It might be possible to charge $30 for a single article or eBook but in today’s economy you are going to need to look to maximize that value.  This can be done putting a few different pieces together and increasing the price a bit.  This is better value to consumers.  Which would you rather buy a single item for $30 or three items for $89.99?  Most people will view the second price as being much cheaper which makes your products a significantly better value. You can also offer a smaller package with an in between price.

* Provide only useful information.

If you are marketing a niche website that targets small backyard design then visitors to your website are not going to be impressed that you have information available that pertains to aerobic conditioning.

For each website that you opt to create you need to have a single niche, and then ensure that the information on the site is relevant to just that niche. If someone cannot tell quickly what you are offering, then you need to start reconsidering your approach.

* Maintain high quality.

If you consistently offer poor quality the search engines will start to ignore you, clients will drop you and customers will disappear. Striving for the highest quality products is critical to ensuring that everyone is satisfied and ready to come back for more.

* Think outside the box.

There are so many different ways you can use private label rights products. You choose to use them yourself, create newsletters or eCourses, offer reports or mini eBooks, eBooks, or create podcasts. You could offer them as freebies to attract traffic or potential buyers or sell them if they have resell rights included.

With all the possible uses for PLR’s you should be able to create a good income.

* Update, update, update!

Change and update what you are offering.  If you offer the same items over and over again, you are going to lose out on repeat business.  If you add new content, software, freebies, websites with valid information, templates, reports or eBooks to your offer, then people will have a very real reason to come back.

Repeat visits is critical to success because repeated business is what you are going to need to increase your overall income.  If you have to search for every customer every time you are going to see lower profits.  If you only need to search for new customers to add you are going to see your profits start to skyrocket.

Following these basis steps will help increase your business and traffic. Even if you have been on the Internet for years you are likely to at some time or another forget even the most basic concepts.