A time saving discovery in eBook creation.

Overall the biggest task that has taken away my time in creating an eBook is proofing. Spell check only help so much and it’s a true saying, “you cannot see your own typos.”

You can do a small amount of proofing your articles yourself by reading the article out loud and listening for grammar mistakes. And using spell check will catch many errors but it’s really important to have someone else check the work for you.

Your eBook is almost done and it needs to look professional and the writing needs to flow well and keep the readers attention. So find people to proof your articles.

I was sending out articles files and the process seemed slow until a friend told me about Google documents. It’s a free Google tool. All you need is a Google account and you are set to use this document tool.

What I like about it is it you can send an article to be proofed in a file and when your friend or copywriter opens the file it opens up into a nice document form that can easily be edited with no extra steps. The document tool has several other uses but I haven’t checked out all the possibilities of Google documents yet.

I just know it has saved the people proofing for me valuable time.

Did I create my first eBook in five days? Yes, just barely. Yesterday was day five. And overall it went smoothly. Proofing was my biggest challenge with getting the final form for my PDF set up with hyperlinks and photos.

For the schedule I was following they also suggested writing your articles the same day, day five. Mine were set aside, proofed and waiting to be put aside into open office then turned into the PDF file.

Truthfully, for the size of my eBook and the time it takes to write and proof your work, there is no way I would have finished day five in one day of I wrote all the article in one setting.

There is more I would like to share about making a PDF using open office but it’s been a long day. I will share valuable links tomorrow

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