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There are a few steps in creating an eBook that many will overlook.

One is the importance of chapter titles. Each chapter title need to emphasis the keyword or topic in your chapter. By making your chapter title keyword rich it will show up in searches faster.

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It will also be easier to use the keyword for free items and gifts that you can offer to those who buy your eBook. By entering your keyword rich title in Google search and searching for free items you can enhance the value and use of the information you assembled.

For example I am working on eBook for backyard projects. I have a chapter with a title “Small Backyard Designs.” Successful Small Backyard Designs” or Secrets for Small Backyard designs would create more interest in the chapter.

A chapter title also needs to capture a person’s attention. Easy, fast, and cheap are a few words that capture attention. Look at your title ad try a few more variations that might create interest or create a need.

One other plus when creating your ebook is to make your title a link to the page its located on. This will help the person be able to quickly get to page with the information they want. With a gardening project eBook this is a plus. I have also seen this used in recipe and various how to books with much success.

To make a chapter a link use the hyperlink button and link the chapter title to the page number.

It also helps to have a reference area or a place for free offers and useful tips relating to your ebook. This area can be used to create interest in your eBook or as a thank you for purchasing the eBook.

And if you can offer an interview in your book related to your topic you will cerate fresh unique information that other will not have or that will be new to your readers. In a world of fast information new ideas are wonderful to find.

Small bonuses and surprises will set your eBook apart from the other products online.

Think creative and create an ebook now

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