Create an eBook in Five Days?

Is it possible to Create an eBook in Five Days?

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Under the right conditions, yes, I believe it is.

But you have to set aside time, set firm goals and either have ready-made information put together or your own unique articles.  These articles need to be proofed as fast as possible if you have a five-day eBook goal.

And after saying this is possible, I will also say, don’t push yourself too hard. It may make you feel like giving in. So what if it takes 10 or 15 days? Maybe everything will fall together and it will take two days. And once you have assembled an eBook the next eBook will be easier to create.

So, so fun and giggles, I am going to try creating an eBook in five days. (Since I am located in 20-degree weather and my car is snowed in this goal will be easier to reach… I hope)

If you have been following my eBook journal you will have read I have an eBook project, which is a series of eBooks, an eCourse and reports.  With all the work I have put into the project so far I have not touched the “Backyard Oasis Projects” section. I have rounded up 20 of my own articles and they are sitting in a file to be looked at, reworked and then proofed by some one else. It’s always important to have someone look at your work. Even with spell check it’s hard to see your own typos.

Day One. Ebook Creation in five days

Pick your topic or niche. You may want to find a quiet room, relax and just start writing down ideas. Once you have a few good ideas decide why you are creating the book. If it’s for friends or personal use, researching keywords will not be as important.  If it’s for sale you need to know if your keywords work for you topic and if your niche is popular enough for sales.

The free tools Market Samurai and Google keyword tool will help you with this. Market Samurai you will need to sign up to use.

My overall project and larger eBook “Backyard Oasis Projects” did well in research and the keywords related to my website, Backyard Oasis.

I also have several other eBooks that are in this project and they are all popular searches in Backyard Projects. This will give me the opportunity to create backlinks and make my keywords stronger and the chances my eBooks will be found easier.

This took me about 2 hours.

Knowing I will promote the eBook for sale I am registering a site to have a sales page. Again, my keywords were researched and my site name was registered in minutes through Name Cheap. Hosting for my sales page is on Host Gator. These are the two sites I use for my website businesses. I totally trust them.

The rest of today I plan to rework my articles and get them sent out for proofing. This hopefully will only take two hours for reworking and looking over the articles. The proofing will depend.

But, I have a good start on my eBook and can concentrate on the next steps I need to take.

I will also suggest Blogging Beginners (It has a free version to use) for any help you need with websites, hosting and just other technical issues. Wizzer also has a guide to creating an eBook on his site, Wizzer Says as a free download. This eBook is what really pushed me to get started with my project.

Resources used today

Market Samuri – for keyword and niche research (sign up required)
Google keyword tool – for keyword research
Backyard Oasis – my one  gardening site  that I used it for finding my most searched for keywords
Blogging Beginners – support and using videos for help
*Name Cheap – Domain hosting for my sales page
*Host Gator – Hosting for my sales page.

The last two resources are not necessary if you creating your eBook for friends, family or personal use.

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