Create an Ebook Now

Why create an EBook and where do your start?

This is my journey in creating an eBook project and the useful information that I have found to help me accomplish my goals.

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The beginning: How to create an ebook

Several years ago I worked at a summer newspaper in Chautauqua NY, known as The Chautauquan Daily, and I was used to writing everyday. When the summer was over I felt a little lost and wanted to continue writing but had no direction in mind.

Daily deadlines had become normal and when 9 a.m. passed each day I would be watching the clock and restless.

Then I accidentally stumbled onto blogging, websites and realized quickly I wanted to create eBooks to share information on topics I knew or thought were important.

I read once that everyone has at least one book within him or her and I believe this. It may be childhood memories that the family would enjoy or local history or a hobby. Whatever the purpose, an eBook will be possible to create once you learn some of the techniques for assembling one.

So with writing eBooks in mind I began to learn how to blog more successfully, work with a website and learn what I would need to know to create an eBook that people would want to read.

OneĀ  important point to consider when creating an eBook is its purpose.

Is it for fun and family and will be sent to a small group of friends? Or is it for sale and will need to be promoted and have a sales campaign set up? For what ever reason you create an eBook there are steps to take to write it and assemble it.

My first eBook project is based one of my websites, Backyard Oasis. I knew the information that people would be looking for who visited the blog site and the keywords they used to search for information. With this information I had a base to help promote the project.

So with this starting point it was time to set goals and get going.

My reason for this site is to share the information and tips for creating an eBook. Later I will show the steps I will take to promote my eBook Project.

I hope my online journey helps you produce the eBook you know you can write. And please share your thoughts of creating your own eBook with me.

So start today and create an ebook now, Denise

6 Replies to “Create an Ebook Now”

  1. Great information on creating ebooks Denise!

    I also like how you linked other sites so that I can get information on other topics that I enjoy. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Diana.

    I hope to have a lot of helpful links here for the programs and software I use to create this eBook project.

  3. I think it should be part of the over-all online process and that everyone should do it! I cut my teeth online four years ago by co-authoring a few ebooks. It was a daunting experience the first time but boy did I learn a lot and it led me to website and blog site creations. I know that any of my regular visitors would just love this information and I’d be glad to work in a link in an up-coming article post so be on the look-out!

    Thanks for creating such a site.

    D S

  4. As one of my favorite SEO sites and someone who gives me great advice I would be glad to hear more about your eBook experience or share a link.

    Its one thing to put an eBook together but once its done there has to be a plan to promote it if it was made to sell and that’s where keywords and seo come in.

    Thanks for stopping by! Denise

  5. Thanks for stopping by Randy. Maybe you should create an ebook for your game site? Gamers would probably love it! Denise

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