Create an eBook: What would your eBook be?

If you were to create an eBook of your own, what would it be for or about?

Sometimes you need paper
photo credit: tsakshaug
They say that eBooks will be the wave of the future. That with skyrocketing graphic and publishing costs the hard cover book will be replaced with eBooks.

I know that newspapers have had difficulties lately with subscriptions and cost of production and delivery. You also have to take into account the use of trees and landfills that are filled with newsprint.

And with the new programs available on the web I believe that the eBook will greatly influence our future.

So, if you were to create an eBook what would it be about?

Here are several ideas that I think would be fun projects.

  • A photo journal history of family. What a great way to share history and images with the family near and far.
  • An eBook put together to promote you college training. If you were in graphic, photography, a writer or many other career fields this would make an impressive lead in to an interview.
  • A journal of life and local history
  • A how to book on your favorite hobby or interest

As you see the possibilities are endless.

My steps in creating an eBook today.

  1. The start of promoting the eBook.
  2. Finishing my file on Backyard Oasis Project so that I can start to assemble the book.
  3. Proofing… it seems a never-ending step at this moment.
  4. I started to select images for the eBook covers. I still need more images to relate to the content.

Create your eBook now! Denise

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