Create an eBook in Five Days Daily Journal

If you set up a list of goals and make sure you set time aside each day you should be able to get an eBook done in five days – or be really close

I have decided to give this challenge a try so today I worked more on my Backyard Oasis Project articles. They are now ready for their first proofing. As I read the article one more time I made notes for what images I thought would go best with the writing.

Now to find images. More than half of the images will be from my collection but I will have to buy some images to go along with the articles.

You can use photos that are royalty free but there is a chance someone might say you broke a copyright rule so for important projects the images are mine or bought. There are several reliable places you can purchase images for a very reasonable price.

I spent about three hours on the eBook project. I also worked on my other eBooks for the project and fixed articles that have already been proofed.

Once you have your articles proofed and images set aside you will need to think about an ecover for the eBook, any additional graphics and which program you will use for creating your PDF file of your eBook.

For creating the DPF file for the eBook I am using Open office. It’s easy to use and it’s free for downloading from the Internet.

Here is a link to the first day of creating an eBook in five days. EBook Creation: Create an eBook in Five days.

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