Creating an Ebook: Information Overload

Information overload is easy to pick up when working on a project.

Creating an eBook has several steps from learning how to assemble one to getting the graphics done and in place. And if you are doing the eBooks to sell you have a sales, page and setting up a campaign to market the eBook. It makes for a busy schedule that you need to keep on top of.

There are many places to gather information to use to create an eBook and it’s like anything else. Some sources are reliable and some you should avoid.

So, when it comes to information overload I try only to use sources I trust. And people whom I have dealt with in the past. There is a lot of valuable great information out there but if it sits in a folder on your desktop or makes it harder to make decisions I tend to delete it or push it aside.

If I feel that I am taking in too much information I just get up and take a walk. The time away from the computer clears my mind. I will also reach out to my trusted friends and ask for assistance.

Today’s EBook Creation steps

I organized my project so that it is ready for proofing, set up my rough draft to be proofed for an ecourse and worked on reports to add to the books. If you’re not familiar with an ecourse its somewhat like a small class offered online that is sent through email.

By offering an ecourse people will be able to see a small selection of what’s in the Backyard Oasis Project I am creating.

Tomorrow I know I have to start to finalize my sales page so that it can be proofed and gather up photos and ideas for graphics for the eBook project. This will be a new area where I have to learn new software so the next few days will be challenging.

It doesn’t seem like I accomplished much today but I know I did. I’m where I wanted to be on my goal list so maybe I should take a break and relax before tomorrow comes. It’s been a busy day

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