Day Four, Create an ebook in 5 days

It’s day four of create an eBook in five days. The schedule I am following today has how to write your articles. I have had my articles stuck in a file folder for months so I really don’t have new writing for the eBook today.

But I do still have proofing changes to make and then to reorganize the files to get them ready to make a PDF.  I am using open office to make my PDF, but there are several other good PDF makers online. One is Adobe Reader and the other is pdf995. Adobe is a paid program and pdf995 has a free version and a paid version program.

There are also many other programs out there; some good other not so reliable, but I have no personal experience with them.

So today I proofed and changed articles and set up more steps for selling my Book project when it’s done.

Resources that you may be interested in:
Adobe Reader
I stock photo

Create an eBook now, Denise

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