Designing your eBook Cover with color selection

The eBook cover and graphics make a statement about your eBook. If the cover is unprofessional the writing may be considered the same, before the first word is read.

photo credit: anemoneprojectors
Overall most people would consider the cover important. But what about color selection?

Its been proven that colors can make us feel different emotions. They can even trigger a physical reaction.

Therefore, the color you use for your eBook cover will influence how the potential buyer will react to the eBook. And certain topics will lend their selves to a certain color range.

For example my Easy Backyard Oasis Projects will use earth tones. Greens and brighter colors for the spring and summer season and oranges, reds, yellows for fall.

If I had a winter gardening eBook it would be monochromatic colors and use browns, grey, black, and blues. Bright colors could be used for emphasis.

Here are a few guidelines to help you choose colors for your eBook cover. These are guidelines only. They are not hard and fast rules.

1.  The color green reminds us of prosperity and money. Green will also work well for eBooks about saving money, investment strategies or starting a new business. Green is also an environmental color so any nature, environment, landscape or gardening eBook will do well with tones of green in the cover.

2.  Blue is a confidence color. Any topic that deals with building or creating confidence will attract more interest with a blue cover. Marketing, job hunting, getting a raise, sales strategies, etc are only a few ideas. Water related topics would do well with blue accents.

3.  Red is known as an action color. How to books, eliminating debt, creating wealth and make more money titles will get noticed faster with a red cover

4.  Orange has been known to stimulate the appetite. It also represents health and vitality so cookbooks would do well with an orange cover. (But be sure to stay away from blue, and the mixture or blue and yellow, which are known to be an appetite suppressant!)

5.  Pastels are often used for crafts, young children and weddings.

There are many color combinations that create certain moods. Graphic artists and artist know many of these. You can look online or head to the local library for a book on color to assist with color choices. Another way to identify color use is to pick up a sales catalog and notice the color combinations they use.

When you eBook is so close to completion, don’t overlook the final accents that will help make your project a success.

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