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Day One: EBook Creation

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Confession time.

I have been working on eBook ideas for months and putting information in files for my articles and keywords. So its really not day one. But it is the start of my project getting underway and being documented.

I am also typo prone so enjoy the laughs it creates. Even spell check can’t keep up with me.

Creating an eBook.

This may be one of the hardest steps. What do you write about? Your topic should either be one you know a lot about or can easily research.  My eBook uses both techniques. I also find it helpful to write about a topic that really interests you. It stops writers block and gets the project going quickly.

I also based my eBook on my website Backyard Oasis. My site has traffic, which will help with eBook sales. I looked up my top keyword search results for my site (areas what people are looking up information for) and more popular articles.

I used this information to select my top areas of interest for my eBook project. Then I checked with Google to find out who searches what and how popular a topic is.  This also helped me narrow down areas that people search for. This information changed one area of my projects.

It’s also best to check with Amazon and clickbank to see what books or eBooks are selling in your niche you have selected. It will let you know what information people are looking for and what information may be lacking. It will also help you with pricing if your selling the books.

Once I had an area to write about that I thought people would be interested in, I started collecting information and articles I have written over the last two years. I also checked Google and used PLR (private label rights) articles for more information and a new spin on my thinking. I want fresh information for my eBooks that will appeal to people.

Now if your doing an eBook cookbook or family history these steps aren’t as necessary, but I’m assembling an eBook on creating a backyard oasis so I need to know the current interests and trends.

And last but not least on my first day of eBook Creation, is selecting a title. I came up with Backyard Oasis Projects. This cover’s several eBooks that are in my project and works with my Backyard Oasis garden site.

Tools I used so far for my project were:

Google keyword tool
Blogging Beginners for PLR’s, useful links and support.

Later today its goal setting and revamping my articles for the last time so they will be ready for their first proofing.

Create your eBook now, Denise

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