EBook Creation ramble on graphics

I decided to do my own graphics for my ebook project. If you’re in a rush to get your project done or really feel your talents don’t include this area, outsource the project. Your graphic catches people attention so they need to be sharp, colorful and pertain to your product.

Level 5 Ceramics
photo credit: gds

There are times I wondered why I didn’t just to elance and hire a graphics designer, but I learned several new programs that will benefit me in other projects. So the extra time was worth it to me.

I also had a second opinion on all my graphic work since it was the first time I made headers and banners.

Selecting the photos I need was the first step. I looked at iStock photos thinking they might have images I wanted but I ended up using my own. I may need to find one image for my children’s play area ebook.

For my photo imaging work I used Photo Impact. They have a free 30 day trial for this program and you can do a lot in 30 days! I also used Marketing Beginners, another free program, to help me create a header and add the lettering. The hermit has a great video tutorial for creating headers. My header for the Backyard Oasis Projects websites was made with the photo impact program. And it was done in an hour or so.

Next I had to select four images for the covers that covered the topic but still linked together for my overall theme. Sizing and keeping clarity and sharpness challenged me.

I have two programs in mind for the ebook covers.  Both are free. Tomorrow I will practice with them and hopefully get the covers done.

Then it will be time to assemble the eBooks and create the packaging for the product.

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