Three Tips for Better eBook titles

It takes time and an effort to create a good title for your eBook. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes because an ebook title has a big job to do. There are three points a title must have to be successful. It must attract readers and hint at a great benefit or promise the ideal solution to a given problem or question. And the overlooked point of a title is to make it lead people to your book online.

This may seem impossible to create an interesting title with these three points. But an easy way to do this is: one step at a time.

Focus on a specific audience and tailoring your eBooks’ title around its needs. Create curiosity in the subject. Why do you know that others don’t and why is your book different that the rest?

One way to do this is to summarize your eBooks’ contents. What is your eBooks’ main purpose? What will your intended buyer are able to do after reading it? Does your ebook provide a solution to a problem? For example my Easy Backyard projects ebook show 15 projects that can easily be created for your home. They are also reasonably priced projects what most people can do. I know I have done them in my backyard or at friends.

Focus on words that summarize your eBooks’ contents effectively. A title beginning with the words “how to” is very popular. There’s no question as to what the eBooks’ contents are about and what they are intended to do. But consider variations of “how to.” For example, there’s “Five Secrets for Success and Improve your lifestyle within a Year.” Look closely and you’ll notice the word, “Secrets.” That’s a powerful word, but there are others as well, such as “Tips,” “Strategies,” “Shortcuts,” “Activities” “Tricks” and “Techniques.” Combine them with words as “great,” “easy,” “timesaving,” “quick,” “simple,” “mind-blowing” and “new” or “newest.” There are many words that stir people and make them take action.

Other words may be even more effective. After considering your eBooks’ purpose or main point, you may find that an action word as “Turn,” “Make,” “Get,” “Sell,” “Grow,” “Earn,” “Collect,” “Create,” “Use” or “Save” convey that point perfectly in a title.

And the step that is most often overlooked? Creating your title with a strong keyword. This keyword is a phrase or word that will lead reader to your title and to your website or landing page for you eBook. It’s a silent step that really starts the minute you think of creating your book. As you work on collecting and writing you eBook keep the main topic in mind and let this steer you to your title.

Keeping your intended audience and eBooks’ main purpose and attention-getting words in your title will yield the best results in the least amount of time invested. It’s Amazing, often times you have been working with the words and they just don’t seem to fall in place. Then suddenly the title just appears. This also pertains to your chapter’s titles within the eBook.

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