Co-authoring a mini e-book

You have an idea for a eBook. You selected your niche and checked keywords for proper search success. But… you are new online or you just don’t have the list or pull to get the word out to the proper groups. Or you may have an idea but you just can’t get it into words.

photo credit: Sheldon Pax

One idea that may speed up your plan is to find a co-author or co-create an eBook with an expert or ghostwriter.   Start by looking for sites in your niche – and then take the time to contact the webmaster or site owner and ask if he or she is interested in co-authoring a eBook with you.  This is often referred to as a joint venture. And with any joint venture you have to offer some benefit to your prospective co-author or co-creator.

Your co-author can provide anything from half (or more) of the content, to an introduction, articles, or additional information. Or you may choose to merge your information and theirs.  Regardless of what your co-author brings to project you can increase the products credibility, especially if you select an expert in your chosen niche.

Selecting and joining forces with a co-author will give you an instant promotion for your joint venture. You will need to discuss how to set up the OTO (one time offer) and upsell aspects of the venture to give you both a great deal from the JV project.  The co-authors contribution to the book could be within the eBook, through back end sales – or both.

Basically a joint venture is what will work the best for the partners to create a product and make a nice income for both parties. And one additional plus to a joint project is that it is a learning experience with both participants bringing fresh ideas and expertise in new areas.

Having a great idea and a unique spin may not be enough to bring a co-author onboard. So the bottom line in your approach you will have to make sure that any arrangement you come to is win-win for everyone involved.

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