Create a sales page with WP-Sales page Template

One of more more challenging aspects of creating an eBook is the sales page. It need to capture people attention, create a need and the desire to learn more about your eBook and provide accurate information about the product or service you are providing.

So a sales page requires knowledge of copyrighting, technical abilities, SEO techniques or knowing where to outsource the project. But even if you outsource the creation of the sales page you still need to assemble to facts and collect them in a orderly fashion. Your sales page also needs a landing page on a website.

This you tube provides information on how to make a sales page using the wp-sales page template for word press.

There are many programs out there to help you with a sales page but if you have a wordpress website this may be an easy answer.

And once you know how to set up a sales page you need to learn how to get your copy and any graphic onto the site. Komposer or Front Page are the easier programs to use for this. NVU (a free program) is also easy to use but I have not tried it for a sales page.

There are several sales page templates available. Some are free and some you will be charged for. I have not tried this template yet, but I plan to. That way I will know how well ti works and its advantages and disadvantages.

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