Ebook Creation final tips for assembling the eBook package

Your eBook is finished. You have assembled it and set up a delivery system but now what?

This is one step that stops many people. You know you need to get the ebook put together, proofread for errors and have a plan to get the product delivered, but what about those over looked areas.

How do you get attention to your ebook? How do you upload it for people to receive and how do you safely deliver it?

If you have bought an ebook and looked at the additional files that come with it you know there is the PDF file and often a text file. But if you are putting out an ebook with resale rights you need a file for the licensing sales information, a source file, images, and other zipped file forms that should accompany an ebook.

One of the easiest ways to know what you need is to purchase an ebook and look at the files that come with it. You use those files as a guide to create your own. Make files that will hold the information you need. If you plan to sell master resale rights (MRR), resale rights and private label rights (PLR) you will need a file for each.

You need a license for the eBook that gives the buyer the right to sell the product and a squeeze page and sales page. You will also need a file for images.

If the eBook does not have all this information you can hire someone from elance to help you assemble it for a small fee or you can visit Create an eBook Now starting in July of 2010 and see several eBook being assembled from start to finish.

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