Two tips that will make your eBook easier to read online.

EBooks are becoming more popular every day. It’s a fast practical way of sharing information and knowledge with others. And in today’s world of instant access readers do appreciate the thought of receiving immediate access to an eBook or other forms of information.

In order for people to continue reading your eBook, you need to supply them with outstanding content and select a readable font to your book. Century Gothic font with the size of 15 reads well on computers. The selection of the font is important because certain fonts are hard to read on a computer screen and on eBook readers when the fonts are too small. The Century Gothic Font also uses lesser ink when printing which is good if the costumer will decides to print your eBook.

There are also fonts that are just difficult to read. Old English is beautiful and wonderful in art related pieces but in an eBook it would be a disaster.

Another point to consider is the background of your Ebook. In a white background, always utilize a black font so that the contrast will create more readable words on the screen. In general Black is the best color for your font selections.

You can choose a colored pattern or color for the background but stay away from using flashy or loud colors. Most of the time too many colors may strain the eyes adding to the strain that already comes from the brightness of the computer screen. This may cause the reader to loose interest in your eBook.

Often the simplest steps are overlooked in assembling an eBook and one is the font size and colors in an eBook. Remember that many people are reading your work for the first time and may not read another eBook your put out for sale its it’s not easily readable and full of great content.

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