Mini E-Book Creation Tips

Mini eBooks are short eBooks that are 5 to 17 pages in length. They tend to be more informational and get to the heart of a topic.

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There is a new trend toward the mini ebook, particularly in the business world.

Here are a number of mini e-book creation tips that will help you when your first project or your next. These tips could save you hundreds of dollars in lost sales.

Tip #1 – Use a professional sales page and a professional format for your mini e-book. Your finished product is your selling point. If it looks poor, you will loose sales. If you cannot do a sales page or assemble the book, you really might want to consider hiring someone to do the job for you.

Simply having a clean, impressive sales page with good copy and a cleanly formatted mini e-book will do wonders for your credibility. You can find additional information on how to create a sales page on Google.

Tip #2 – Create high-quality information. There are way to many mini eBooks online that just recycle old information with a new title.

Tip #3 – Create your mini e-book in PDF format. You can create an executable file but they tend to have problems. They often will not open and can even crash your computer.

A PDF file is very easy to create with open office, which is a free program.

Tip #4 – Create a clear production creation timeline. This will allow you to have a rough idea when you will complete the steps needed to produce an eBook.

There are many steps in creating a book from start to finish. And when you are almost done you will need to create a buzz for your new product before you begin to sell it.

Tip #5 – Find joint venture partners to help you launch your product. This will take much of the burden off of you and give you more time for the little steps. And if you can find someone who will send your report out to his list you have built momentum. It will help get the word out about your product faster and you may avoid any advertisement costs.

With a well-written and designed mini eBook and a plan to promote it, you should find yourself getting sales. And more important people will read your work. 

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