Create additional income from eBooks

If your eBook is almost done you may be thinking of ways to create additional income with your project, besides just offering it for sale. Here are a few ways others are adding extra income from eBook sales.

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Sell Products related to your niche

One option is to have a small eBook or Mini eBook that is free that relates to you main eBook. This freebie will generate traffic to your site, create interest and a buzz about your eBook and will give other people the right to give away your free e-book. If you place an ad or links to your site in the free book you have instant free advertising and possible sales. You could include a mini catalog of your products or services that you offer in the e-book or a link to your associate program?

Do this with care though as you don’t want the eBook to look like spam.

Sell Advertisements

Before your ebook is offered to the public you can make arrangements to sell advertising space in your eBook. This could be done with full-page color ads, banners ads or classified ads. You could trade advertising space in your eBook for other forms of advertising. It would not take many times to get interest in someone placing an ad if the eBook was downloaded over 4000 or 5000 times.

Sell eBook Rights for your book

You can make money by selling the resell rights or master resell rights to those who buy the e-book. If your buyer has a similar niche selling your eBook could create them additional income and generate traffic to their site. This would allow other people to sell the reprint rights.

Many master resell rights have ads so this would also be one more avenue of income. This would mean every time someone reads your eBook or sells one, you’d get exposure.

These steps need to be decided upon and set up before you make your final PDF of your eBook.

EBooks with properly placed ads and hyperlinks read well and have a nice look. The main think is not to get carried away. People don’t mind a few ads but 7 pages before you get to the eBook information are way too much. And yes, I have seen this much advertising and I really didn’t care for it. It made me wonder how reliable the information would really be.

And for a soft sell or advertisements, create a free eCourse for your eBook. An eCourse is quite easy to create. Mine took less than a day to put together and have proofed. Make sure the course covers areas in your ebook and creates the need to have more information on your topic or niche.

These ideas should help you to get more traffic to your eBook and more sales.

Advertising in your E-book?

An eBook serves many purposes. And depending on its use you may have to address the question, do you include advertising in your eBook?

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Depending on the use of your eBook there are many forms of acceptable advertising that could be considered.  This could be advertising that you can take advantage of to create additional streams of income or to promote your own products.

Affiliate links, affected items, items related to the eBook niche and up sells are only a few forms of advertising.

One of the most common ways to add advertising to your eBook is to add an appendix of recommended resources and more. These resources are a valuable and viable advertising method.

These can be from your own products, from a matching niche or area of sale or from other select marketers. Just make sure whatever advertising or product you promote has value and is an asset to your eBook and the credibility you have built in your niche. And remember, never promote a product or program that you do not believe in

And also limit the amount of items you promote or your eBook and project will lose its perceived value.

Another strong advertising method is to add a promotion for a product right at the start.  This should be for one of your own projects. This will give a person a reason to sign up.

Mini eBooks are a good item to create as a promotion to your eBook. Many are free and give your audience a reason to want to purchase a product from you.

Everyone wants to receive a free item and most people want to give loyal customers or readers a deal but the reality of marketing is that the most important tools cost money.  So promoting a product in your eBook, whether its yours or someone else’s will help you with costs and make it possible for a few free items for your readers.

These mini eBooks are usually in support of your main ‘niche’ area, and make your product all the more valuable and attainable.

Whatever advertising or product you decide to promote should be one you’ve personally used and should match or add value to your overall theme of your niche.

Trust is an all-important goal you need in producing eBook that will attract readers and good advertising practices will add to your trust and value of your eBook if you choose wisely.