Promoting your mini e-book with a blog

Blogs are a wonderful, viral tool that you can use to your advantage. And you will find blogging is quite fun. It’s a place to voice your opinion and share knowledge on a subject.

photo credit: myuibe

Blogs are quite easy to set up. If you don’t’ have a blog you can get started in about five minutes at places like wordpress or You may also want to check out Blaffeo Blogs at Blogging Beginners.

I have learned to build my own sites. This gives me more control over what the site is capable of and to create a blog site with its own unique look.

Blogs create traffic easily and are searched often by Google so this is why many people use them to promote their eBook. My suggestion to you is make sure your blog article is fresh and good quality content.

Care should be taken when generating traffic for your blog. You can write about the benefits of your e-book on your own blog, but to create a goof traffic flow from other blogs or websites, you need to find like niches.   Comments with value left on such sites will lead traffic to your site.

But make sure the comment is meaningful or it may be considered ‘spam’, and people are very sensitive to others coming in and simply advertising on their blogs via comments.  Commenting well on other blogs will lead to others coming back to YOUR blog to see if you’ve got any other information that they might be interested in. This will increase your status as an ‘expert’ on a certain niche.

Once you are considered an expert, your eBook has a better chance of selling.

And even if you don’t have a sales page on the blog for your eBook, articles or ads in sidebar widgets will get attention to your book.

One other way to promote your eBook on a blog is to offer a mini eCourse to go along with it or a free mini report.  Free information attracts people and if the information is good it will lead to more interest in your ebook.