Avoid Four common eBook mistakes

There are many reasons why a person creates an eBook, but one common goal is to have the eBook read. With this in mind here are a few of the biggest eBook mistakes. Ones that relate to getting your eBook out in public.

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There are four very common eBook mistakes. These mistakes can cost you your hard work and time faster than any other mistake you’ll ever make.

1.  The first mistake is you need to provide a strong reason to redistribute your eBook. Free eBook, free reports and free gifts go a long way, but you’ll also find that some people aren’t inclined to redistribute free.

They won’t read the e-book. They will set it aside to look at later and it gets lost in the stack of “to do projects.”  Or they just won’t find the time to create a way to offer the eBook to others.

So you’ll have to offer some form of an attractive bonus to the people downloading it to redistribute your e-book.  That bonus could be anything from a percentage of each sale, or the ability to sell the book themselves. It could also be other valuable items that give them a reason to distribute your book to their lists.

2.  The second mistake is failing to create a buzz. You need to create a stir and attention to your product before launch.  It’s important to remember that you’ll need to create an honest buzz. If you over promise and under deliver you will have many unhappy customers and the interest in your eBook will fade.  So keep your promotion honest. If your content is informative and fresh you will do well.

3.  The third of these big mistakes is not finding a joint venture partner or group of people to help you distribute your book.  Affiliates are great when you’ve reached critical mass, and pay per click and search engine results won’t hold a candle to the amount of promotional traffic a strong joint venture partner will bring you.

And the biggest mistake you can make and I am guilty here, is trying to make the eBook perfect. You want a good eBook that is full of relevant information but if you keep tweaking and changing plans you will not know how the book will do.

There is time after your eBook is released to tweak the sales page, add a bonus and change a few things for better sales. But you only know where to start when you start seeing results.

As my friend Wizzer says: Do it now!

And there it is –  four  common mistakes that you can make and the easiest ways to avoid them – avoiding them, though perhaps a bit more time consuming, but well worth it in the long run.

Create an eBook now! Denise