Create an eBook Atmosphere

When creating an eBook its important to have the products you need and the proper workspace. I call it the eBook atmosphere – that stands for comfort ;).

Depending on the eBook project your products may change but you will need:

  1. An FTP program: I use filezilla, the free version
  2. Office or Open Office to create your copy and spell check the work quickly
  3. A program to create a PDF. I use Open Office. It’s free and very easy to use. Just create you copy or article, check it for errors and hit the create PDF button. It even makes hyperlinks that work.
  4. A graphics program. This will be for any graphics, eBook cover and photos.
  5. A auto responder to send out your eBook.
  6. You may want a separate eBook creator, photo imaging program, sales page creator or several of the other programs available online.
  7. Find friends with a similar interest and desire to make an eBook or work at home with an online business.

There are many programs that will help you create an eBook. Some are good, others not so great. Some have a fee – others are free. It will just take time trying out programs and advice from people who have used various programs. And the size of your eBook project will also determine the products and programs you need.

If you plan on making more than one eBook or having an online business it’s important to make an area where you can work comfortably and have all necessary programs on hand. Just recently I moved my main work area from a spare room to an area that has more light and is accessible to the patio. With spring and summer just around the corner I want to enjoy sitting on the patio or in the sunroom and working on my projects.

I also have two different desks of different heights and two types of chairs to relieve and stress on the back.

You may also want to have a piece of exercise equipment nearby to give you am mental break. I have read it good to take a break at least every two hours from the computer. Rest your eyes and stretch your hand muscles to prevent carpel tunnel syndrome.

I have set up my new area in a more inviting atmosphere with all my programs and essentials closely. I also added an area for music so I can relax my mind while working. It’s now possible to work and still enjoy the nice weather. I find I can concentrate better and seem to be able to get more done.

After all, the most important thing is to get you eBook done and out where people can view it.