Tips to creating profits online using PLR’s

As the popularity of the web grows so does the interest in making money online at home. Learning how to actually grab your share of that money is extremely important and for many there just is not time to start looking for completely unique solutions.

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For the busy individual who is looking for a way to break into online marketing it may be beneficial to start looking for private label rights options. Using Private Label Rights (PLR’s) can help you to get started making money quickly. By modifying the PLR’s to your needs and niche you can quickly and easily turn them into something that is unique and fits your topic and business.

Tips to help you succeed with PLR’s

*Always offer a great value.

It might be possible to charge $30 for a single article or eBook but in today’s economy you are going to need to look to maximize that value.  This can be done putting a few different pieces together and increasing the price a bit.  This is better value to consumers.  Which would you rather buy a single item for $30 or three items for $89.99?  Most people will view the second price as being much cheaper which makes your products a significantly better value. You can also offer a smaller package with an in between price.

* Provide only useful information.

If you are marketing a niche website that targets small backyard design then visitors to your website are not going to be impressed that you have information available that pertains to aerobic conditioning.

For each website that you opt to create you need to have a single niche, and then ensure that the information on the site is relevant to just that niche. If someone cannot tell quickly what you are offering, then you need to start reconsidering your approach.

* Maintain high quality.

If you consistently offer poor quality the search engines will start to ignore you, clients will drop you and customers will disappear. Striving for the highest quality products is critical to ensuring that everyone is satisfied and ready to come back for more.

* Think outside the box.

There are so many different ways you can use private label rights products. You choose to use them yourself, create newsletters or eCourses, offer reports or mini eBooks, eBooks, or create podcasts. You could offer them as freebies to attract traffic or potential buyers or sell them if they have resell rights included.

With all the possible uses for PLR’s you should be able to create a good income.

* Update, update, update!

Change and update what you are offering.  If you offer the same items over and over again, you are going to lose out on repeat business.  If you add new content, software, freebies, websites with valid information, templates, reports or eBooks to your offer, then people will have a very real reason to come back.

Repeat visits is critical to success because repeated business is what you are going to need to increase your overall income.  If you have to search for every customer every time you are going to see lower profits.  If you only need to search for new customers to add you are going to see your profits start to skyrocket.

Following these basis steps will help increase your business and traffic. Even if you have been on the Internet for years you are likely to at some time or another forget even the most basic concepts.

Help for Creating an eBook

With the cost of printing, publishing and the rise in use and dependence on computers the eBook is a trend that is growing in leaps and bounds. Instant access to the eBook is also a reason why eBooks are becoming more popular.

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But for those of you who are creating your first eBook you need reliable and often the best priced help in creating your finished project. Where so you find this help?

Yes, there are many good and reliable free program out on the market but you have to know which ones will work for you and which programs you might have to purchase or where to turn for help and advice.

After two years online I have found good and reliable programs to use and most are free. Many are listed here in my blog articles. And please contact me if you need more information.

I also have two reliable and trustworthy friends I turn to for help and assistance in all my technical problems that can range from a website glitch to how to create the best sales page. It seems no matter what question I come up with they can find an answer or point me in the right direction.

Their help has helped me create my own websites and work on my eBook project.

So if you have thought of starting an eBook, creating a sales page or want a website that is SEO (search engine optimized) I can highly recommend a program that will fit all these needs and has great support.

And best of all its free. Yes, there is an upsell to the site but what you get for free is amazing.

The program is called Blogging Beginners. I have used this since the beginning of 2009. It’s the basis for all my websites, I think that’s 6 websites and for my interest in creating an ebook. I would not be where I am without the knowledge I gained from Mark and Randy’s program and their fantastic support. Information is shared through PDF’s, Video’s and a free members site where you can ask questions and make friends with like interests.

There is also one other program called Marketing Beginners that I have used for help with creating headers for websites and sales pages. There is also information on other marketing needs including sales pages and much more, and the price? It’s free.

So if you want to create an eBook, build a website or learn more about programs and the Internet check out one or both programs.

And check back at my site in a few days. It’s time for me to seriously promote my eBooks. I think you will learn from seeing my steps I take to reach my goal of creating and promoting eBooks.

EBook Cover Graphics

EBook cover graphics can seem like a daunting project. But they are an essential marketing and selling tool for your eBook. With the fast search techniques used online your eBook graphics have to catch attention quickly.

photo credit: Marieke van Santen

Whether you take the task on yourself or hire a professional there are a few inside design tips on how to create eBook covers that sell.

Your eBook graphics need to

Make your eBook cover unique

Your eBook cover graphic needs to be one-of-a-kind. Let it show your personality and what the eBook has to offer. There are many cookie-cutter and free-for-all graphics available on the Web and it’s easy to fall into the freebie trap when creating your eBook cover.

Go ahead use a free graphic but spruce it up or add to the design. Consider it a starting point and make the design your own. And do not use the same pictures as other eBook out on the Web. Use one of your own photographs or go to a stock photography site and select one.

The basic book shape can be similar, or even the same as other eBook covers, but the images and graphics must be original. Show your personality!

Photos and Graphics set the stage

The photos or graphics must represent the subject of your eBook. The cover should be able to convey a general idea of what your eBook is about with a glance.  That glance will hold a persons attention and draw them into looking at the eBooks description.

The eBook cover must look professional.  Many people have worked long hours on the content and just throw a cover on the eBook. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Have fun with the cover. It represents your ideas and efforts.

The images and graphics need to be in focus, crisp and clear. The title should be easy to read. And all your images should have clean edges and line up

photo credit: Ole Houen/yakkerDK

Traditional paper books have eye appealing covers and titles. The author and publisher know the value of a cover.  It is just as important as the content. It is what will help your eBook get noticed and stand out in the group.  If your eBook does not attract attention and look professional, it will not be read.

With planning and thought, an eBook cover will be easy to create – either by yourself or by hiring a professional graphic designer. Just remember to keep the cover true to the content and have fun with it.

Create an eBook Cover

The writing of your eBook is finished. Now its time for you to add the final touches, designing the eBook cover and matching banners, graphic buttons. You will need a sales pages  if you are planning to sell the eBook.

Pratt Library Wordle 2: books and shapes and more
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This last step of creating a professional look to your eBook is one of the essential parts of creating a professional impression. With out this final process your writing will be overlooked.

There are several options available for this last step.

1.  You can hire a professional to design your e-book cover and the graphics needed. This is the faster way to finish your eBook, particularly if you have not worked with graphic design and photo imaging software before.

2. You can  use a package of ‘stock’ covers that you can alter to fit your needs or you can design the graphics you need yourself.

3.  Use software to create you own eCover and graphics.

eBook Cover Design
photo credit: room122

If you really don’t feel up to the task or time involved in eBook cover and graphic creation, hire a professional. There are groups of skilled designers that design eBook covers, headers and graphics for very reasonable fees.

Online, I would recommend eLance.  You sign into eLance and place a job ad for the eBook and graphics needed for your project. Include the  price range you are willing to accept and wait for bids.

You may also be able to find talented local college students that would be able to do the work for you.

The price for the graphics for your eBook project will depend on the amount of work you are requesting. But prices usually fall between $40 and $100.

If you decide to design your eBook cover and graphics yourself you will need imaging software.  Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or GIMP are a few programs available. Stock images, are also available online. But you need to carefully check the license of any image you select to see if you can user the image for your project.

If you are a photographer and have professional quality photos, or know a good photographer, they might be a person to contact. Otherwise look for sites that deal in royalty free images. Google has many listing for stock photographs.

When  creating you own eBook cover make sure the quality of the image is sharp and attractive. You will also need to check the perspectives of the eBook cover and match up all edges so that your binding, and front and back covers are not crooked or out of proportion.

There are software packages out there that provide Photoshop action scripts and more aid in the design of your eBook.  These action scripts allow you to generate a cover without fiddling with matching up edges and other tasks such as a perspective view that you might want for your e-book or stylized box design. ECover software programs can be found on Google. Some programs must be bought and others are free.

The cover and packaging is the first thing most people will see of your e-book. The quality has to be top notch to attract attention and create interest.  Your eBook may be informative and a great read but if the eCover lacks pizzazz your readers will loose interest quickly.

Regardless of the topic of your eBook, a professional and appealing e-book cover is a must if you expect to people to read your eBook or buy a copy.

Free eBook Directories for listing your eBook

When creating an eBook you will want a way to promote it after you have the product finished.  Ebook directories are one way to get the word out about your eBook.

photo credit: Sheldon Pax

Below are four directories that may be useful to you.

Ebook2U is a free e-book only directory – which means you can target those affiliates and people looking for highly targeted niche content.  You can promote well in this directory.

This huge directory accepts free and paid listings.  With a vast array of categories and areas, you can list your e-book within many different areas to maximize your niche exposure.

Wisdom e-books is another site that allows you to list your e-books – its business category contains a lot of free and purchasable e-books, but doesn’t really have much niche targeting capability. – Mainly focused on marketing and business categories, you can sometimes list your e-book with these categories.

You can also list your eBook at Craigs list and forums that are related to yout topic.