Why should you create an ecourse for your eBook?

Your eBook is done so you may want to consider creating an eCourse for the product.

Why should you set up an eCourse for your eBook?

  1. For promotion
  2. As an example of your eBook content. Select several chapters or create a small study course that relates to your topic that will create interest and possibly questions about the subject.
  3. As a freebie. Supply information not in the ebook or let the reader know the topic is expanded on in the book.
  4. To build a list. You will need a list if you want to promote your eBook.
  5. To get more traffic to your website you have set up for ebook promotion.

What you need to set up an eCourse

  1. Information relating to the eBook or articles from the eBook. This information should be well presented, error free and have a look of quality.
  2. A form of delivery. Aweber and Get Response are two of the bigger auto responders used for newsletters and eCourses.
  3. The ability to create a pdf and a program to zip or make the file smaller if needed so it can be easily delivered through most email services.
  4. Photo images or graphics. This are not mandatory for an ecourse but they may add to the feeling of the eBook being professional and written by an expert in their field.

Cost for an eCourse

  1. Some sort of auto responder. There are a few free auto responders, I have never used them so I have idea what quality they offer.
  2. A way to create a pdf, if you need it. Open office makes pdf’s for free and they work great.
  3. ghost writer if you need one.
  4. My cost for my eCourses are just the auto responder. Any other programs I use are free.  Overall an eCourse is low cost and what you gain from building a list or future sales makes an eCourse worth the time and any small cost.

An eCourse will add another dimension to your work and create a bond with the readers. There’s a possibility they will pass the information on to a friend who may be interested in your work.

ECourses are also easy to make and fun. It’s always fun to share information and make friends who share the same interests.

If you want more information on creating an eCourse read Create an eCourse.

Ebook Creation: Create an eCourse

When working on an eBook your day can get consumed by a smaller side projects. On days like this I just relax a little and see what direction the day takes.

Daily shoot #ds36
photo credit: DrBacchus

This morning I spent working on the create an eBook site. I had a few theme problems to get under control. Thanks Randy for the help. I think the site is almost done for now.

After that I looked at my eCourse revisions and made the necessary changes. I have set up a seven day eCourse that has an article that highlights each section of my eBook project.

An ecourse is often offered as a way to encourage people to look at your ebook, business or project. And it’s a nice way to say thank you.

For an eBook you could include a chapter or two, a how to do project  and maybe some tips that would make a great eCourse.

Ideas for setting up an eCourse

  • Think about and list topics that you know well and that others would be interested in.
  • Determine the reason for your eCourse. Is it to promote a product such as an eBook or teach a person how to do a project?
  • Keep your eCourse simple and offer interesting information
  • Go through your eCourse to be sure the information is clear and in a logical order. Then have someone proof it for grammer and typos. You can also offer it to your friends for their opinion.
  • You’ll need an introduction for each days eCourse.
  • Stay on topic and write in everyday language. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read in an ecourse.
  • Depending on your topic you may want to use bullets or numbers for you information. This does not pertain to written chapters of an eBook.
  • When you are sure you have everything completed, upload the eCourse into your autoresponder.
  • Use Internet marketing techniques to promote your online eCourse.

Each eCourse will very depending on the topic and purpose but the two primary concerns is that it offers valuable information and can be easily read.

I will offer this eCourse on the site for you to enjoy in a week. I have to get my auto responder set up for delivery first.

NOTE: Once you set up an eCourse you need people to know it is available. You can accomplish this by registering your eCourse  in eCourse directories, write articles to promote it, promote it on squidoo,  etc..

Create an eBook now, Denise