EBook Cover Graphics

EBook cover graphics can seem like a daunting project. But they are an essential marketing and selling tool for your eBook. With the fast search techniques used online your eBook graphics have to catch attention quickly.

photo credit: Marieke van Santen

Whether you take the task on yourself or hire a professional there are a few inside design tips on how to create eBook covers that sell.

Your eBook graphics need to

Make your eBook cover unique

Your eBook cover graphic needs to be one-of-a-kind. Let it show your personality and what the eBook has to offer. There are many cookie-cutter and free-for-all graphics available on the Web and it’s easy to fall into the freebie trap when creating your eBook cover.

Go ahead use a free graphic but spruce it up or add to the design. Consider it a starting point and make the design your own. And do not use the same pictures as other eBook out on the Web. Use one of your own photographs or go to a stock photography site and select one.

The basic book shape can be similar, or even the same as other eBook covers, but the images and graphics must be original. Show your personality!

Photos and Graphics set the stage

The photos or graphics must represent the subject of your eBook. The cover should be able to convey a general idea of what your eBook is about with a glance.  That glance will hold a persons attention and draw them into looking at the eBooks description.

The eBook cover must look professional.  Many people have worked long hours on the content and just throw a cover on the eBook. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Have fun with the cover. It represents your ideas and efforts.

The images and graphics need to be in focus, crisp and clear. The title should be easy to read. And all your images should have clean edges and line up

photo credit: Ole Houen/yakkerDK

Traditional paper books have eye appealing covers and titles. The author and publisher know the value of a cover.  It is just as important as the content. It is what will help your eBook get noticed and stand out in the group.  If your eBook does not attract attention and look professional, it will not be read.

With planning and thought, an eBook cover will be easy to create – either by yourself or by hiring a professional graphic designer. Just remember to keep the cover true to the content and have fun with it.