Goal setting in eBook creation

Goal setting is one of the more important steps in creating an eBook. You need the technical ability to put an eBook together or to know where to go to get help. But you also have to be able to set down and create a plan and a set of goals to get you started.

I have set my date for my eBook launch and have a plan on paper but I also know I need to get myself motivated and clear my thoughts for the challenges ahead. In the next day or so I will set a complete list of goals for my project but for today a motivational video has helped to put the last few days behind me and set the stage for the next three weeks of my eBook launch.

I found this you tube relaxing, both in images, words and music.

Here are basic steps for goal setting. It is a start but as a project moves along the goals change to fit the progress you make. And of all the goals, number six is the most important.

1. Choose a goal
2. Make a plan
3. Set a time line
4. Follow a plan
5. Evaluate your progress
6. Never give up