Free eBook Directories for listing your eBook

When creating an eBook you will want a way to promote it after you have the product finished.  Ebook directories are one way to get the word out about your eBook.

photo credit: Sheldon Pax

Below are four directories that may be useful to you.

Ebook2U is a free e-book only directory – which means you can target those affiliates and people looking for highly targeted niche content.  You can promote well in this directory.

This huge directory accepts free and paid listings.  With a vast array of categories and areas, you can list your e-book within many different areas to maximize your niche exposure.

Wisdom e-books is another site that allows you to list your e-books – its business category contains a lot of free and purchasable e-books, but doesn’t really have much niche targeting capability. – Mainly focused on marketing and business categories, you can sometimes list your e-book with these categories.

You can also list your eBook at Craigs list and forums that are related to yout topic.