How to Create an EBook: Setting Goals

How to create an eBook.

As I work further into my project I have to remind myself of all the different areas I have to either start working on or line up in the next few days.

photo credit: yoppy

Today I have spent the better part of the day organizing and checking my articles for my eBook. As soon as I feel they are in fair shape I will send them out for their first proofing. (You know you never see your own typos) I hope that will be tomorrow.

My next step is to get photos for the book and decide on an eBook cover. This means working with a few software programs I am not as familiar with as I should be. But this just adds to the challenge.

I am also trying to do my own eBook cover. It has to be of a good quality so I may have to outsource the project if it’s more than I can handle. The next few days will determine what I do. Outsourcing is actually quite easy. I just wanted to create this eBook at a reasonable cost and learn to do as much as I could.

But,with this said, There are times either for technical reasons or time that you should outsource your work.

I am working on a sales page and have decided on the domain name for my sales site.  I will need to set that up tomorrow so that I can get the sales page downloaded for proofing. This isn’t a necessary step if your doing the eBook as a family project.

I also set goals for the next week. They are hanging from the computer screen so I have to look at them all day long. My Goals:

  • I hope to have the eBook in PDF form by the end of the week. This will depend on proofing and getting the photos lined up. I know the articles are compiled and ready to go so that’s one less project.  Over all the project should take five to seven days to get the eBooks done and another 14 days to get the sales promotion going.
  • My domain will be set up and the sales page should be close to done. It needs proofed and tweaked. I have a feeling I will probably adjust it over the next month or so as I see how the project does.
  • I need to start lining up people to market the book. I do have a plan for this so that will start on Monday.

So far I am about where I want to be and I know I have great support from my friends and the software I need to get the project done.

If you’re planning on creating an eBook you need to assemble the articles into a PDF to send out the people. There are several ways to do this. A few programs cost a little more and few are free. But whichever way you go you have to have quality. As I head into creating the PDF I will share more about what programs are available and what I will use.

What I have used as a guideline to getting the project set up is the Ebook and video series Wizzer put together and shared over at Blogging Beginners. I am more of a visual person so video tutorials help.

Create an eBook now, Denise