Three steps to start promoting your eBook

You have decided you want to write an eBook and to share your ideas with an audience. You identified your audience that will purchase an eBook and wrote articles accordingly.

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Next you need to identify your competition. If you are writing about a topic in a highly competitive area you will be more successful if you chose a smaller niche or topic and plan your attack. How will you complete in this niche?

For example fishing is a popular niche with tough competition, but fly-fishing is a smaller niche therefore easier to get a foothold in.

Once you have your area to write about and a smaller niche you can dominate you need its time to finish the eBook by putting it into a PDF form and decide how to market an eBook successfully.

One of the first steps you’ll want to do to get your eBook off to a successful start is get Joint Venture (JV) partners. You will be looking for other marketers who have established lists in the area of your book or in marketing. A JV partnership is built on the fact that both partners have something to offer to each other. So when you think about a person to contact ask yourself what you can offer them and put that in your JV email you send them.

In your case, you have a fantastic eBook to market. Your potential partner has a good list to market that eBook to. Your new partner is going to get something in return for sharing their list with you. This is usually a cut of the eBook profit. The idea behind a good JV partnership is that everybody wins!

Next, take full advantage of all the resources that Web 2.0 offers. Google Knols, Hub Pages, Scribd and Squidoo lenses can all get you and your eBook wonderful exposure. And the more exposure your eBook gets the better chance you have of great JV partners and high sales.  Learn how to use all the Web2.0 resources available and get your product out there!

Another great source of exposure for your eBook is writing articles. There are a ton of article directories that you can submit articles to, but Ezine Articles is the best known of them all. If you’re not comfortable with writing articles, or you don’t have the time you can outsource your article writing. There are many excellent ghostwriters that will charge very reasonable rates.

And in my opinion, one of the most overlooked areas in getting your eBook out in circulation is time. There are many small things that need to be done to get an eBook launch started. You need to be able to delegate small tasks and duties to lighten your load so you can get the necessary steps accomplished for a successful eBook

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