Images and Graphics for your eBook

Once you have your eBook articles written and proofed it is time to add photographs that relate to your topic and any related graphics to support your information. Two Milestones
photo credit: Blackriver Images

Both Photographs and graphics can be easily added in Photoshop or Gimp (free software program that is similar to photo shop.) You may also wish to use photo impact to work with your images.

If you do not use your own photographs in your eBook you need to make sure you have permission to use the image and are not in any violation of a copyright. Please double-check any photo usage rules and regulations with an image. If you are in doubt, select another image!

Here are two reliable  places to look for images. Some images are free; others will charge a small fee. Check any fees and copyright regulations carefully before downloading.

When adding images or graphics in your eBook; remember you want to add to the eBook, not take away from it. Try adding images in several places and ask yourself these questions.

  • Does it add to the article?
  • Does the page read well or does the image break your concentration?

In general, you want to what they refer to as white space or open space in an eBook. White space makes reading easier and less tiring on the eyes. It helps the reader keep their concentration on your article.

You keep white space by making your paragraphs smaller. Using lists and bullets will also help with white space. And the last concern in space is the placement of photos and graphics.

Photos and graphic add to the interest of an eBook but need to be used properly – both in placement and with copyright regulations.

Leave open space above and below any added images. This will help keep white space one the page and alleviate any feeling of the words being crowed.

How many photos or graphics should you use?

That depends on your eBook topic. The best way to decide is to place them where you feel they work and them get a second opinion.

Create an eBook now, Denise