Using a PLR to create an eBook

Many people use a Private label rights eBook (PRL) to create their own eBook. They are readily available and are a great start for research or the beginner who wants to create an eBook as quickly as possible.

photo credit: ademc

PLR’s can be picked up for free or just a few dollars.

If you decide to use a ready made PRL eBook here are a few suggestion to help make it more successful.

1.  Check the quality of the work.

  • Is it complete?
  • Are there typing or grammar errors?
  • Would it benefit from photos and graphics?
  • Check the files that come with for covers, images and sources. Are they easy to understand and work with or do they need redone?

2.  Will the rights to the eBook work for what you are planning to do? This is very important to make sure you check and understand.

3.  Add more to the work. Make it your own. Otherwise the product is already out there and you are just selling or promoting old information. Add new chapters or take some out. Add an interview. Put in your own experiences. These are just a few ideas to brand the PLR as yours.

4.  Create a new eCover. You can use several free programs out there if you feel you have the technical skills needed or hire someone to create you one.

5.  Have the finished product proofed! This is very important. You can not see you own typos! Have the work checked for typos, grammer, graphic and if hyperlinks work.

Once you eBook is ready you will need to set up a great sales letter. And change the sales letter once in a while to give it a new look and feel. Once the sales letter is set up it doesn’t take much time to change a few buttons or colors.

6.  The ebook has to have a landing page where people can order the book. This means you need a website or a rebrander program to help with this step. Some eBooks come with a rebrander.You will need a way to deliver the product. You can use an auto responder to deliver it.

7.  Promote your eBook! It can be the greatest work out there but if no one sees it its will not sell or be read.

By working with a ready made PLR you can get an eBook set up in no time, often in a few hours or a day, depending on what you change and your technical skills.

But the bottom line in creating an eBook is to create a product that someone will want to read. If you keep that in mind whiled working on the supplied information you should be able to make a product that people will enjoy. And once you have made one eBook, the next will be faster and easier!

If some of these steps sound confusing you can get most of the help you need at Blogging Beginners. It’s where I learned how to set up websites, get traffic and learn the steps I needed to make an eBook. And best of all, its free!