EBook Creation: PLR’s and MRR’s

When you create an eBook one of the more important beginning steps is to decide where your information is coming from. There are people who will research and write each article and there are others who will use Private Label Right (PLR’s) articles.

photo credit: photomequickbooth

If you chose PRL’s its best to add more of your own information and make the articles personal. Or as many say, the article should be in your own voice. If you don’t have original articles the eBook may almost be a copy of someone else’s work and who wants to read old information?

I have used PLR’s as a starting point and usually get two or three finished articles from an original article. By time I am done the article is mine – I just had an idea to get me going.

PLR’s can be found online and through private memberships. I have used information from Blogging Beginners, Mike Steup Daily articles and PLRwholesaler. You can also use or find articles on line or create articles from eHow.  And don’t forget google.

Just make sure you do not copy others work and break any copyright rules when using any information online or from an article or book.

After you have your information rounded up and articles ready, it’s time to assemble the ebook.

Plans for setting up an eBook.

Before you get into the technical steps your final decision is: will the eBook be a Private Label Rights eBook where people can change the information you wrote or will it be a Master Reseller’s Rights eBook?

Master Reseller Rights (MRR) means that when someone purchases the eBook they can sell it, but they can make no changes to the content. Bothe MRR eBooks and PLR eBook come with a reseller agreement and terms are listed for their use. And if you have no plans to sell the eBook these agreements are not important to you.

The benefit of a Master resellers right book is that the information cannot be changed and you can add hyperlinks that lead to a website business or item for sale.

My steps in Creating an eBook today were:

  • Get some of my eBook material out to be proofed today and get the rest out tomorrow.
  • Start looking up graphics for my eBook project
  • Pull up sales page information I have stored in my folder and start making the final decisions. (The sales page is another project within itself that needs proper attention.)

If you decide you want to create an eBook, ask questions and create your eBook now!  Denise