Tips for a successful sales page

A sales page is the first impression a person gets of your eBook so proper copyrighting techniques and these tips should help you to create  a successful page that leads to sales.

Here are a few tips for success.

First and foremost, make sure you have no typing errors and that all your links work. Have someone check the sales page for you to help you spot those errors that like to slip through. This is your first introduction to your potential customer. You need to make an impression of being professional.

Provide a guarantee logo or icon to your sales page. A guarantee is a must when you are dealing with someone who does not know you or your business practices. Your customer will be assured that you will be there for them if they need your help. Also, in the unlikely situation that they are not happy with your product or software, they will get a refund.

A sales page guarantee logo can be found online or may be provided with a PRL package.

Its best to make multiple order links to purchase your Ebook. This way, the order button is available for whichever portion of the sales page they may be on. A purchase decision is often impulsive, so give them adequate windows and opportunity to do so.

Make sure you secure your ‘Order’ link. This can be done through SSL. (It’s a way to secure and protect your url)

Customers give their personal financial details here and they need to know the information is safe. A secure order link gives them the assurance that these details would not be misused.

A single sales page should be sufficient for you to promote the features of your Ebook. Customers want details but are most often pressed for time. They would not like to go over too much of sales copy text. They may even choose to ignore the offer completely.

These tips should help make your sales page more successful and give it more of a professional look.