Tips for writing effective sales copy

Research say that 80 percent of all people will read a headline but only 20 percent will finish the article or ebook sales page. So your words will be the most important part of your entire marketing strategy.

This means very word, sentence and headline should have one specific purpose — to lead your potential customer to your order page. So you will need to plan and get several opinions for your final copy.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating the copy and sales page

  1. Pack your copy with all of the benefits your eBook has to offer.
  2. Tell your potential customer exactly what your eBook will do for them.
  3. Identify a specific problem and promote your ebook as the solution. So over all – write to persuade.
  4. Your sales letter needs a powerful headline that will grab people’s attention.This headline might be in the form of a question that identifies a problem, or it may be an intriguing statement.
  5. Your headline is the most important part of your entire sales copy. If it doesn’t immediately grab your visitor’s attention, they most likely won’t read any further. So try out several headlines. Test them on friends and get their opinion. You will find that developing a great headline will take more time than writing your entire sales letter. It’s that important.
  6. Display your headline in a large, bold font. This will demand your potential customer’s attention and intrigue them to read on.

To keep the readers attention, use subheadings (headlines) throughout your sales letter. You may find that your best subtitle and the headlines what you did not use earlier. Your subheadings should provide highlights of each section of the eBook and capture the attention of those who are scanning your text. Again you will want to display your subheading in a large, bold font.

Here are a few more tips to help you create your sales copy

  • Write as if you were talking with just one person. This gives the sales page a personal feel.
  • Write your copy with passion and excitement. Let them know exactly what your eBook will do for them and why they have to have this.
  • Write your words so that they flow from your beginning headline through to your order page. Read your copy out load to see if you are creating this feeling.
  • Look at other copy and sales pages for you particular eBook topic. You do not want to copy their sales pages but it will give you ideas for what captures your attention or what doesn’t work for you.

Once you feel you have copy or a sales page that works get opinions.  Its always difficult to evaluate your own writing so ask others. When the copy is ready it’s time to set up your sales page and see what results you have.