Tips for creating a successful eBook

You’ve decided you want to write an eBook to promote your business or make extra income. But where do you start?

Market research is your first step. Why create an ebook if you don’t have an audience or interest in your topic. Market research is done by finding your niche and then checking on how popular it is and what areas of sales and competition you will have. This can be done with Google keywords, which is a free program.

There are many steps involved in creating an ebook. Some are quite simple while others involve learning a program, getting help from a friend or outsourcing some of the work

This you tube has a few ideas on ebook, the work involved that you may not have thought of. I think you will find a few useful ideas here.

One idea I liked on this you tube was the use of speech and a speech recognition program. I am not the best typist so a program like this is a big help. I purchased a headset for around $15 that has excellent voice clarification and will not pick up background noise. And I found a free voice program that will turn your voice into written words.

Using voice to type is faster and great if you use an interview for any of your eBook information.

The first eBook is the hardest to create. It’s just like any other venture you take on. There is always something to learn. But there are many great sources for learning and before you know it you too will have an ebook assembled and ready for sale of for your own personal use.