Create your eBook Plan

If you have decided you want to make and distribute an ebook you have to have a plan and set goals to have a successful selling campaign. And if it’s just for friends or as a promotion you still need a plan.

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Depending on the size of the project and your technical skills the time and goals may vary. By setting a daily task or journal you can meet your timeline and get that eBook out.

If you pick up an eBook with a rebrander and only make a few changes you can have an eBook out in a few hours. But you should also consider how to distribute the book. Will it have its own website. I highly recommend your own site to promote the book.

Many people have made an eBook and put it online but they don’t have sales. With your own site and traffic you can create a bond with your readers and easily promote the eBook.

Your eBook could be entirely your own work. This type of eBook takes longer and you may fall into the trap of not getting it out as fast as you wanted. (This is experience talking here 😉 ) So a plan is twice as important for you.

With you own eBook you need to assemble the information, have it proofed, have graphics to match the book and a way to sell the finished project.

So to create an ebook plan you need to:

  • Select your ebook topic
  • See if your topic has demand
  • Set up a website or have someone promote your eBook
  • Create a plan for sales set goals for its day of completion and public launch.
  • Have a friend, mentor or look for help online for the areas you need assistance in.

I have an eBook project called Easy Backyard Oasis Projects. This is the site I have set for information on the books, for sales and to help create traffic: Backyard Oasis Projects. And in the next several days I will be launching my eCourse that relates to the book. It’s my hope the eCourse will create interest in my eBooks that relate to creating a backyard oasis easily and at a reasonable price.

This plan will work for any niche.

So my eBook plan so far has been:
1.  Select my eBook topics
2.  Get the books assembled.
3.  Set up my website to promote the eBook
4.  Start to create traffic and a buzz for the book
5.  Set up a form of delivery for the eBook
6.  Work on my sales page. It’s not done yet! So this is my top priority right now.
7.  Promote the eBook with my website and my other relates sites, ezine articles and forums.
8.  And most important for me, ask my friends many questions! They have done these projects before and their advice is invaluable.

Check back at Create an eBook now to see the progress and steps taken to get an ebook created and out for people to read.

NOTE: in the next few days there will be a free mini eBook that will help you with your eBook project.