Create an eBook: a Work at Home Career

Writing an eBook can be a great work from home career. And if you have a passion for a topic or the desire to share information, it will be a rewarding adventure.

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And as with any career, creating an eBook can either lead to a booming income within a couple of months or a constant struggle until you give up in despair.

Here’s a process I recommend to get an eBook created and out in the public for others to read and enjoy.

Get Known:

The challenge for new eBook authors is to convince buyers that you can actually write. And that your eBook will offer new fresh content that people will want to read.

Steps to get known as an eBook writer

1. Select a topic for an eBook. When choosing a topic it helps to select an area you know. The topic should also be popular. “How to” topics are always an area that people look for information.

You can use Google to check for topics that are popular. Amazon is also another place to check to see what people are buying.

2. There are many sites that will help you with the steps you need to assemble an eBook. There are also places you can hire that will assemble the book for you. Once you have it put into a PDF form and it has been proofed for grammar and spelling, you can offer it for sale.

3. Offer the book with all rights: this means that someone else (the purchaser) will put their name on it as the author. By doing this, the eBook will be circulated quickly and you will gain a reputation for being an eBook author.

Selling an eBook will not only give you money you can invest in promoting your new career, it will also build your confidence.

Create a Website to Promote Your eBook

Create a small website. Often this site is a sales page. Other times it may be part of a blog or a 2 or 3 page website. Describe your eBook in as great of detail as you can.

Don’t skimp on the contents of the eBook site. Content is what gets you traffic from search engines, and traffic gets you buyers. If you have testimonials from people who have read the eBook and liked it, that will help.

Promote Your Site and eBook services

The final step is to promote your site. There are endless ways to market your eBook writing services. Article marketing, forum marketing, advertising on online classifieds sites, and advertising on other websites are ideas to get you started.

Your first eBook will be the most challenging as you learn what needs to be done and in what order. You will find you usually have several projects going on at one time.