Writing for eBooks or Blogs

Writing for eBooks or blogs can sometimes be challenging. You may have an idea and it just doesn’t flow from your fingertips to the keyboard. Or you might be at a loss for an article you want to write.

photo credit: Andy Welsher

If you are struggling with this problem where do you start to correct it? Here are a few steps that may help you.

First define your audience. What ever you topic may be you need to remember writing is communication. And if you plan to communicate with you audience you need to know who they are. Are they young or older? Men or women? Business people or stay-at-home-parents? What will draw them to your eBook or blog site? The more you know your readers, the more effective your writing will be.

Get inspired! You will have a day or time when you are “stuck”. This happens to everyone at one time or another. Break the mode by looking for inspiration. This could be a walk, reading or a hobby, or a talk with a friend. Inspiration can come from many places. I enjoy a walk with the dog or working with art or photography

Brainstorming is one of my favorite ways to find new ideas. This can be done by writing ideas down on paper or just finding a quiet space to think and let your mind wander freely. Think of why you are writing, whom you are writing to and why your topic is important. If you have a passion for a topic ideas will surface easier.

Now it’s time to write. When trying to break a writer’s block or just a day when you don’t feel like writing, simply begin writing. Don’t worry about the flow or the grammar right now just get the words recorded. Focus on your topic and the readers and why they would be interested in what you have to say.

Once you have ideas down its time to do any research. Some articles will require more data while others are more light and flexible. But your readers came to you for information so supply them with something they did not know or may not have understood. And often when you start to gather additional information you will find a new slant on the article or maybe a totally new article that you wish to write.

And finally its time to work with grammar and the articles structure. Using these ideas you should be able to create an interesting article rather quickly that you readers will enjoy.